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BioScreen Wind Side

Wind Side

BioScreen Fan Side

Fan Side

Ventilation Fan Screen

US Patent No. D881 373

Bio-Screen Benefits:

  • Protect your environment from Airborne Bio-risks
  • Prevent ventilation back-drafting
  • Maintain positive air flow in ventilation
  • Tested in head winds up to 35 MPH
  • Maintain high air quality

The Bio-Screen ventilation fan screen is constructed from fiberglass & resin for a longer life.

“It was an exciting and rewarding experience working with Steve to obtain a patent on the BioScreen. During the process, Steve explained the operating principals behind the technology, and provided empirical test data showing its effectiveness in real world settings. His thoroughness and attention to detail were instrumental in guiding our strategy as we worked through the patenting process.”

Erik Antonson
Patent Agent